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portion of shape-note tune MOUNT ZION (third) S.M. setting Watts text "How beauteous are their feet"

Tunesmith and Music Composition Work

From solo to symphony orchestra, specify forces and event and new music composing can be yours. Sacred text vocal a cappella work is a deep specialty, with variety of traditional modal and shape-note influences. Significant catalog of works and themes available to be licensed for use.

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still life with violin, hourglass, bookshelf, globe

Educational Conferencing

Special niches are represented here.
Interactive video conferencing allows music teaching in private lessons or coaching related to bowed string instruments violin, viola, erhu, and zhonghu, in many styles. Larger groups are possible as well, with topics in hymnody, years of "Bonsai Concert" programs available on request, gifting of private entertainments, more...

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Music notation with scripture citation, titled "TOMORROW, INSHA'LLAH. An Anthologem."


I have long interests in Abrahamic Dialogue and denominational distinctions. Anthologems are my own innovated music composing genre, analogous to precious gem jewelry: multi-cultural scripture micro-ANTHOLOGies in beautiful, singable musical anthEM settings! 


I was concertmaster of the orchestra accompanying Travelers Chorale, cond. Kenneth Ferris, and was given a solo opportunity (a rest for voices), and chose this fun dance, Dave Rubinoff's "Fiddlin' the Fiddle" (1927), marked "Tempo di Foxtrot". Great job, Stacy Cahoon, piano-thanks! 2011, Hartford, CT, main stage, Mortensen Hall, The Bushnell. 


Moving image is so nice... 

This one is "Adoration", by Felix Borowski. I am playing seating prelude for my Uncle's recent memorial.
...also enjoy the variety and richer file quality of the Audio tracks below. 


A serendipitous variety of more or less related tracks. Don't miss the "liner notes" with each track.
Thanks for listening!   Enjoy!

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